5 Instagram Tools I Can’t Live Without

Katie Davidson

A UX designer with roots in digital marketing.

Display Purposes

Which hashtags should you use on your post? Are any of your old favorites shadowbanned? Has a new trending hashtag in your field popped up?
I use to have massive documents of hashtags for each of my clients, and every once in a while I would slip up and use a banned hashtag, which would land me in the penalty box, now that I have Display Purposes, I no longer have to worry about that headache!

To use Display Purposes, simply type in a favorite hashtag, and it will suggest several other hashtags that are likely relevant. It will give you a nice mix of popular hashtags and more niche hashtags so you can reach a wide audience.


Are your fans sharing amazing photos of your business? Give them a shoutout and share their amazing images with your audience using Repost.

To use Repost:

  1. Find a post on Instagram you want to share with your audience
    1. Click on the ellipses above the image
    2. Copy the link
  2. Open Repost
    1. Select where you would like the credit to show up on the image (I always suggest giving credit both on the image and giving a shoutout in the image description – be sure to get permission from the original image owner before reposting)
    2. Click “Repost”
    3. The original caption will automatically be copied to your clipboard
  3. Click on “Copy to Instagram”
    1. you can now add a filter if you want, but out of respect to the original creator, I generally don’t recommend doing so.
  4. Do a long press to paste the original caption along with the inserted text
    “#Repost @OriginalPoster (@get_repost)”
    1. I recommend removing the part that says (@get_repost)
    2. Now hit post and you’re all done!



iTunes app link (Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this tool is available on other devices)

Gaining genuine followers can be tough when you’re just starting out. One great strategy is to follow accounts you think will be interested in your content. Most people will follow back accounts that follow their own…but not all accounts will follow you back. If your follower/following ratio is too low you’ll look like a spam account, so I recommend going in every so often and unfollowing accounts that don’t follow you.



A bad photo won’t get you very far on Instagram… but at times it feels like I am only capable of taking bad photos on my phone, especially at events where I might only get one shot at a great image. VSCO is a photo editing app I can use to turn my horrible photos into gorgeous images. It’s a robust editor (way more than just filters), but it’s still really easy to use. In less than a minute, I can edit my images and get them posted on Instagram.



Spark Post

I’ve mentioned how much I like spark post before. It’s a great app and helps me make engaging content when I don’t have access to my computer. It’s the easiest way I know of to create beautiful captioned images. I also love the animation feature, I can make short animations that really draw in the viewers.

Check out the little video I made with Spark Post:

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