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Come for coworking, stay for community!

At Impact Hub Boulder, we’re more than just a coworking space. We’re a community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and global movers and shakers. If you’re interested in making a difference in the world, we would love to invite you to join us at our sunny downtown location.  

Our team is committed to your success. As part of your membership, you’ll receive free mentoring, exclusive member perks, and discounts to a wide variety of events. 

Membership Benefits

Click the following sections to learn more about everything that’s included in Hub Membership.

You’ll love our beautiful, sunny, Downtown Boulder location! Impact Hub Boulder is just off the Pearl St. Mall and is conveniently located on a major bus route. 

We’re surrounded by some of the best restaurants in Boulder. Enjoy lunch across the street at T/Aco, The Rio, Jaipur, or Ruben’s.

We’ve partnered with several Downtown Boulder businesses to offer members discounts on the nearby businesses they frequent. We’ve partnered with BoulderOne fitness (just a block away) for a killer discounted gym membership and we offer punch cards with local restaurants like SALT (2 blocks away).

  • Drop-in, part-time, and full-time members enjoy 80% off conference room pricing. 
  • Dedicated Desk members get 10 hours of free office room space and also enjoy 80% off additional meeting room space.
  • Office Holders and their teams get 15 free hours of meeting room space and also enjoy 80% off additional meeting room space.

Sit down with the brightest business leaders in Boulder to troubleshoot your biggest challenges.

Check out our Mentor Program available to all Hub Members. 

We’ll help you get your name and your work out there by giving you a presence in the following places:

  • Our Member Wall of pictures and info on each member
  • Our online Member Directory of 300+ local changemakers searchable by name, skillset, area of impact, stage of business, and more.
  • Our social media channels reaching over 3,000 subscribers.

Being part of our coworking community means getting juicy discounts on products and services at other businesses. Explore our exclusive member pricing on business services, networking, and local goods & services.

Explore the Member Perks

As a Hub member, you can work from any of the 100+ Impact Hub locations worldwide! The Hub Passport program allows members to work from any Hub for 3 days per year.

Our global community spans five continents and more than 50 countries. Each one is founded by local innovators who care deeply about making a difference to their community. 

Explore all the Impact Hub Locations

All Hub Members get into most events held at the Hub for free or with a discount as well as receiving deep discounts on programs and workshop series. 

Are you interested in hosting events out of our space? Members enjoy $50 off per hour and in some special cases we’ll rent the space to members at-cost with a short training on how to work some of the systems. Email us to learn more about partnering on programs. 

Multiple soundproofed phone booths are available throughout the space for you to reserve or hop into and enjoy a private phone call or video call.

Enjoy unlimited free coffee, tea, and espresso from local coffee hotspot Ozo Coffee, Ampersand, and the Tea Spot

Wifi enabled color copier/scanner/printer available for all members to use at their leisure.  

Connect to our secure high-speed internet. 

As a member, you’ll get first dibs and discounts on our experiential programming. Every program is designed with tangible outcomes in mind for high ROI on your most precious resource — your time.

Check out our Programs to see what’s coming up.

As a space committed to impact, our values permeate every facet of our business. Here are a few examples:

  • Zero Waste: We’re dedicated to environmental sustainability and strive to be as zero waste as possible. We have Landfill, Recycling, and Compost on site and are actively working with a zero-waste organization to do more when it comes to our waste streams. 
  • Supporting Local Agriculture: We’re a pickup site for a local CSA organic, biodynamic farm share from Kilt Farm (Hub Members!) and do what we can to support by sourcing from local agriculture and restaurants.
  • Supporting Local Business + Member Business: We source many of our business needs from Hub members whenever possible. For example, we’re working with Hub member Katie Davidson to build our website and digital marketing strategy rather than outsourcing outside of our community. 
  • Supporting Local Artists: We regularly rotate local art in our space and hold gallery nights to promote and sell the works of the artists in our space. We also have an Artist in Residence named Miranda Viorst who is interviewing Hub members to create permanent paintings that will live in our space as expressions of the Hub community. 

Coworking Memberships

Full-Time Membership

Unlimited, 24/7 coworking access
$ 295 Monthly
  •  Includes 24/7 access and after hours key fob 
  • Dedicated Mailbox Included ($45 value)
  • Free and Discounted tickets to Events at Impact Hub
  • 80% off conference room rentals

Dedicated Desk

24/7 Access
Our dedicated desk members are a tight-knit group, and frequently collaborate on business opportunities.
$ 400 Monthly
  •  Includes 24/7 access and after hours key fob 
  • Free Ecopass Bus Pass
  • Locking File Cabinet
  • Dedicated Mailbox Included ($45 value)
  • Free and Discounted tickets to Events at Impact Hub
  • 10 hours of free meeting room space + 80% off additional conference room rentals


12 days/108 hrs month coworking access
$ 210 Monthly
  • 12 days/108 hrs month coworking access
  • Free and Discounted Tickets to Events at Impact Hub
  • 80% off conference room rentals
  • Mailbox add-on available for $45


3 days/27 hours per month coworking access
$ 90 Monthly
  • 3 days/27 hours per month coworking access
  • Free and Discounted tickets to Events at Impact Hub
  • 80% off conference room rentals
  • Mailbox add-on available for $45

Office Space

24/7 Access for the Whole Team
Prices Vary
  • Includes 24/7 access and after hours key fob
  • Free EcoPass Bus Pass
  • Dedicated Mailbox Included ($45 value)
  • 15 hours of free meeting room space + 80% off additional conference room rentals
  • Extra discounts on event rentals
  • Free and Discounted Events at Impact Hub

Connect Membership

If you don't need a place to work, but you'd still like to be a part of our incredible community and get into events and programs for free or with a deep discount, this is the membership for you!
$ 40 Monthly
  • Free and Discounted tickets to Events, Workshops & Programs
  • Access to free Mentor Sessions to address your biggest challenges
  • And much more!

Membership Add-ons

Click the following sections to learn more about add-ons to Hub Membership.

We have three conference rooms available accommodating 6-20 people comfortably. Members receive a 80% off meeting room space.

View our conference room availability.

Store your things securely with a locker for $15/month.

Store your large screen monitor in a secure cabinet after hours $23/month.

We have a limited number of spaces available in the parking garage attached to our building right next-door on Walnut Street. If you’re interested in adding parking to your membership, please contact our team

Parking starts at $430/quarter.

Dedicated Mailboxes are included in full-time memberships, dedicated desks, and office rentals and can be added on to any membership for $45/month. Having a mailbox also includes our staff signing for packages.

Additional virtual office services are coming soon. 

All members get $50 off per hour for hosting an event in our space. 

If you’d like to access Impact Hub outside our normal hosting hours, we can provide a key fob for an additional $75/month for Drop-In and Part Time Members. 

Your hours in the space will still be logged via our coworking passport system.

24/7 Access is included for Offices, Designated Desks, and Full Time Members.

Youth Membership at the Hub​

$50 per month for 10 hours a week (Custom price plans based on time available)

This membership is for young people ages 14 to 21 years old who are self-starters and committed to creating positive change with their lives. Young people joining will be brought into our “Impact Ecosystem” of entrepreneurs, innovators, and organizations working to change the world through social enterprise and leadership. By engaging with other Impact Hub members, Youth Lab programs, and expert mentors in our community, youth members will be exposed to new opportunities, potential internships, apprenticeships, paid roles, leading-edge ideas, and real-world approaches rarely accessible in conventional education models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Discounts are available for nonprofits (15%), and B-Corps (10%), 

Yes! Students get a 15% off any of our memberships. We also have a special Youth Membership for young people ages 14-21. We also highly recommend you check out our Youth Lab programs!

Yes! Companies with 2 or more memberships receive 10% off combined billing.

We welcome all kinds of businesses and nonprofits. Many of our clients are mission driven organizations that focus on making a positive difference in the world and our local community. This is often in the realm of social innovation, sustainability & renewable energy, natural products, health & wellness, consultants, etc.

We pride ourselves on providing more than just a nice place to sit and work. Our spaces and community fosters collaboration and creativity for individuals, groups, and events alike. Whether it’s through attending one of our many classes, workshops, networking events, or striking up a friendly conversation in the kitchen with someone, we see serendipitous moments happening all the time. Our members meet potential clients, collaborators and even meet co-founders – all by being in an environment intentionally designed to enable those connections to occur.

Yes. You may connect to our high-speed, wifi enabled color copier/scanner/printer and make up to 300 copies per month.  

Yes, you may be on your phone in the open spaces. However, we ask you to be mindful of your voice level and others that are working around you. We encourage you to use one of our many private phone rooms, which can be reserved either online, or by a walk-up reservation system. 

Yes. We do ask that you check them in at the front desk to let us know they are your guest. If they will be present with you for longer than two hours, you may book one of our conference rooms for your meeting, or they may pay a day rate of $30 to be present as long as necessary for the day.

The billing period for all co-working memberships goes from the day you sign up, until 30 days after that date. Then it continues with the same beginning day going forward. For the permanent desk memberships, the billing period runs from the first day of any given month, until the last day of that month.  

We have plenty of coffee and espresso on tap in the kitchen for you, provided by local OZO Coffee Roasters (organic). If your thing is hot tea, we have several yummy selections of loose leaf, organic teas for you to choose from. There are several kinds of creamers provided as well. For cold drinks, we currently stock many delicious flavors of Bhakti sparking teas in the fridge.

What the Community says about the Hub

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