These are the directions for adding me as an admin to your business manager – so I can access the necessary functions within your business manager and/or ads manager.

  1. Be sure you have a business manager set up. If you’ve never set one up, you won’t have the necessary functionalities to work on your social media and/or advertising. 
  2. If you HAVE NOT set up your business manager, go to and set up the account, FB will walk you through it. 
    1. Please add a payment method to this business manager for our approved ads and/or boosted posts as necessary. 
  3. To add me to your business manager, please go to your business manager. 
    1. Select the business manager settings in the left-hand corner drop menu. 
    2. Go to page roles. 
    3. Add me as an admin to both your business manager and ads manager using my Facebook email address which is: 
    4. Once this is done, send me an email to confirm, and I should be able to accept it.