Website Design

I can build a custom website for you! I build websites that are more than just beautiful brochures. They compel website visitors to take action, and keep coming back for more. If you’re ready for a website that helps you make sales, let’s work together!

Digital Marketing

It starts with an audit! Once I understand your business, we’ll work together to create a marketing strategy that will help bolster your business.  Every business is different, so in order to  help your business succeed, I’ll need to fully understand your business.


Are you committed to your business’s success, but lack the tools to help your business grow? I can help you take your business to the next level. Hire me for just an hour, or start a coaching package with free custom video training, and accountability workbooks.

Why I'm so passionate about helping your business take flight

When I started college over a decade ago, my life goal was to become a classical bassoonist and perform with the world’s finest ballet companies. Every day, I practiced my favorite pieces: Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring,” Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Scheherazade,” and Bach’s “Cello Suite 1.” I pushed myself until aching wrists forced me to stop, when I then switched over to studying Russian.

I pictured myself performing in the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg with a captivating ballerina expressing the music that poured from the hearts of the dozens of musicians beneath the stage. I was my own task master, pushing myself even after I noticed my wrists began aching just minutes into a practice session. I didn’t let up when I started getting sick on a weekly basis and reprimanded myself when I started to stumble over pieces I had mastered years earlier because the tips of my fingers couldn’t feel the keys.

By the end of my first college semester, my wrists were in such constant pain I couldn’t even lift my bassoon from its case. It took years for me to figure out my illness, and by the time I pinpointed it, I had lost my music scholarship, leaving my lifelong dream shattered.

I finished college with a degree in chemistry, beaten down and lost. I traveled the world, living in Russia, Japan and Spain and met amazing people. Some of them had stories similar to mine: I met an Olympic hopeful in Russia starting from square one after a devastating knee injury. I met others who had achieved their dreams and shared the joys and triumphs with me of how their hard work paid off. I became captivated by people’s journeys, and knew I wanted to find a way to help others achieve their dreams.

Katie's Time in Japan

When I lived in Japan, I visited a ramen shop, somewhat at random. As I enjoyed an amazing bowl of soup full of beautiful mushrooms, perfectly seasoned pork and a rich broth perfect for a cold winter evening, I spoke with a ramen shop owner. He off-handedly mentioned that I was one of the first Americans to visit his restaurant. I laughed and told him that I had no idea his building was a restaurant — I thought it was someone’s home, but had been so intrigued by the architecture that I decided to take a peak.

His eyes grew wide and he asked if I thought that might be the problem. His shop had been struggling for years despite the substantial tourist traffic on the street outside. We devised a plan: he would hang a simple sign in English, and he asked if I would create a simple web page in English so tourists could find his place.

This was the first website I ever made for someone else, and, even though it was ugly and needed to be redone by a professional just weeks later, it sparked something in me. I could help other people achieve their dreams. I didn’t have to sit idly by, I could make their dreams a reality.

I love hearing the stories that drive people to start their own business, and I love helping them market themselves online. I love working with driven people determined to forge their own path.