Social Media Case Study

Impact Hub Social Media Month 1 Case Study

The Challenge

The first month of social media marketing is always a bit of a scramble. Between gaining access to social media accounts, creating new content, and diving deep into the customers analytics – there are always a few surprises. A happy surprise this month for Impact Hub was how much customers took to the native Facebook Event listings. A swing and a miss this month was Yelp, I anticipated a much higher engagement, but was unable to get many check-ins or leads. The good news is that Impact Hub’s competitors aren’t doing any better on Yelp (but I would have loved to have wiped away the competition on that platform).

The largest challenge I faced this month was lack of feedback data. Because of the way the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics tracking code are set up I am unable to effectively track conversions and leads on the website. Once this issue is resolved I anticipate even better results than the first month.

The Results

Impact Hub already had a large and loyal fan base which I was able to leverage for great results right out of the gate. There were increases in engagement and reach across all managed platforms. It is typical for businesses to see a bit of a dip in reach and engagement leading up to the winter holidays, but this was not an issue for Impact Hub.

I wasn’t able to report on all the managed platforms this month due to lack of data, and do not have complete data on conversion rates or leads, but in future months as some of the current challenges are resolved I anticipate much better results.

Facebook Stats

Facebook Post Engagements
Facebook Page Reach
Facebook Event Reach
Verified Facebook Leads

Overall increase in stats despite holiday competition

Dedicated Facebook Events

Creating dedicated Facebook Events rather than just sharing the Eventbrite links made it easier for people to invite their friends. This increased engagement overall on the page, and the Facebook events alone reached 4,863 people.

Verified Facebook Leads

Due to limited analytics availability on the website, a verified Facebook lead is reported as anyone who visited the “Join” page from Facebook, and then took a secondary action on the page.

Increase in Total Page Likes
Increase in Reach
Increase in Post Engagements

Yelp Stats

Yelp User Views
Customer Leads
Verified Review

Yelp proves not to be a platform to focus on

Yelp Ads

Impact Hub had a free 30 days of Yelp Ads, which helped increase user traffic by 71%. For the equivalent of $300 they were able to generate 17 customer leads (12 of which were clicks to the website). These leads were worth the effort while free, but the ROI was too low to continue spending this amount after the trial period.
*Estimated revenue from these leads is $255.

Check-in Campaign

A check-in campaign was set up at the front desk of Impact Hub. Impact Hub members were encouraged to check-in at the Hub in exchange for a free raffle ticket to win an infusion water bottle. Unfortunately this campaign was a failure, there were very few check-ins and no new verified reviews. A new check-in campaign is under way, which I hope will be a bigger success.



Google+ Stats

Discovery Searches
Calls through Google Listing
Google Business Views
Visits to Website from Google Listing

Unleashing the Power of a Google Business Listing

Optimized Google Listing

Although discovery searches decreased by 10% in the past month, actions on their google listing increased by 58% (for 7.09K total actions).
*Discovery searches: Customers who find your listing searching for a category, product, or service rather than searching specifically for your business.

Google+ Posts

Most of new actions for the Google Business Listing are due to regular posting on the Google+ account. An incognito search for Impact Hub Boulder shows several of the most recent posts show up on the front page.

Lack of Comparison Data

Unfortunately, I was only able to report very generally on the data collected on Google+. Prior to this month, the account was not fully set up, so only broad generalizations are available. 

Increase in Actions

Twitter Stats

Twitter Followers
Tweet Impressions
Profile Visit
Increase in Profile Visits
Increase in Post Engagements

Twitter lists and hashtags dramatically increase tweet impressions

Impact Hub Member List

I created an Impact Hub Twitter List with known members. This has two main benefits, it creates a pre-curated list of tweets to re-tweet and engage with, and it creates an added value for Impact Hub Members as their content is now shared across the Impact Hub Fan base. This list is still being built, and currently only has 12 members. You can view the Impact Hub Twitter Member List here. A survey was recently sent out to all members to facilitate the process of collecting social media info.

Strategic use of Hashtags

1-3 Hashtags relevant to Impact Hub’s target audience were used in nearly every post throughout the month. The #Boulder and #Coworking were used together to brand Impact Hub as a co-working space, and generated significant traffic to Impact Hub’s Tweets.

Facebook Post Engagements
Tweet Impressions
Increase in actions through Google Listing

The Results Were Amazing

Impact Hub had already created a solid foundation with a large loyal fan base. By curating the content throughout the month, and engaging with Impact Hub’s customers I was able to increase engagement across all platforms. In future months, I will be able to report on LinkedIn, and Google Analytics.