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How do I get more Facebook Likes?

How do you get more Facebook Fans?

Katie Davidson

A UX designer with roots in digital marketing.

This is a loaded question, but I am prepared to answer it. The first thing I tell any client that asks me this is “Facebook likes are only one of the tools I use to measure the success of a social media campaign, the bottom line is: you are looking to generate new business. The number of likes/fans you have doesn’t really matter.”

Before I tell you how to get more Facebook fans, here are a few words of warning:

Do not buy likes!

The fastest way to render your Facebook page useless is to purchase likes from some website offering 500 likes for $5.00. All those new likes will be spam accounts, created solely to like Facebook pages who pay them. You are not purchasing potential leads (more on that in a moment), you are just throwing money away.

The moment you purchase likes, your engagement goes out the window. Let’s say you had 50 real followers, and on an average week, 25% of them interacted with your page. After flooding your page with 500 new likes, your average weekly engagement would be 2.3%. Facebook’s stream algorithm see’s that abysmally low number and assumes you aren’t producing valuable content. Since Facebook only want’s to show users the most interesting and engaging content they stop showing your posts to your remaining loyal fans.

Here is how you get more fans:

Create thoughtful and engaging posts aimed at your unique audience

This is the most important and time-consuming aspect of social media: finding and posting social media content that your customers will find useful. You can tell whether or not you are posting engaging content by diving into your Facebook Insights Panel.

Likes, Shares, and Comments are all engagements

Give something of value

Psst… your fans probably liked your page so they could get something for free. What can you offer your loyal fans? Whether it’s free information, a discount on your services, or member’s exclusive products, give something of value to your fans.

Promote your Facebook page

How do people know you have a Facebook page? Unless you tell people, they might not know to look. Adding a link to your Facebook Page in your email signature, or putting a sign in your window will let people know they should find you online.

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Buy Facebook ads

“Woah, but I thought you just said not to pay for Facebook Likes!”  You’re right, I did, but when you go directly through Facebook you are able to reach out to new potentials clients without solely relying on organic reach. Facebook ads can be a powerful lead generation tool. You can reach people who are similar to your current customers targeting people based on age, location, or interest. Facebook will reach out to these people for you, and if you are offering something of interest to them you can gain a customer and hopefully a new fan.

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