How to Add Someone Else’s Facebook Event to your Page

Looking for a quick tutorial on how to add an existing event to your Facebook Page? I’ve got the tutorial for you!

Katie Davidson

A UX designer with roots in digital marketing.

If you are working with another band or company on an event and want to cross promote, or if you’ve found an amazing event you think will really benefit your Facebook Fans this is the tutorial for you. Step-by-step instructions:
  1. Open the Facebook Event you want to add to your page
  2. Click on the … on the right-hand side just under the image
  3. Click “Add to Page” and select the page you want to add it to
  4. You’re done!

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  1. Regan

    Hi! Are there any pros/cons to adding an event to your page, rather than creating your own event?

    1. Katie Davidson

      Regen, There are a few good reasons to add an event to your page, rather than creating your own event:
      1. It prevents confusion if there are any event details that change.
      2. Attendance will look higher, which will increase visibility for the event.

      The only time I’ve ever created a second event on my page is when the original creator didn’t create it correctly, but I never suggest having two Facebook Events for the same event.
      Thank you for your question!

  2. Joanna

    If someone else adds my event, will they get ‘co-host’ permissions and the ability to edit event details and respond to messages?

    I want other people to share my event, but I don’t want them to have co-host permissions. Is this method you describe the best way to do this?

    Also, how can I remove somebody else’s event from my page without deleting the event?



    1. Katie Davidson

      They’ll only be able to share it as an event to their page, they won’t be able to edit it.
      So yes, this is the best way to allow people to share your event, without giving them editing permission.
      To remove an event:
      1. Go to your event tab on your Facebook page
      2. Hover over the event you want to remove
      3. You should see a small “X” click on that to remove the event from your page

      How to remove someone else's image from your page.

  3. Monica

    Hi. I am trying to share and event that I was invited to and accepted.

    When I click on the … the options I get are Export Event, Unfollow Event, Notification Settings, Remove Me From Guest List. I can’t find any option to Share event or Add to Page.

    Is this because of the way the event was created?

    Is there a solution?

    1. Katie Davidson

      Do you have a Facebook for Business Account? If so, you’ll need to open the event while logged into the business account. Facebook might just not recognize your Facebook profile and Facebook Page are linked.
      Please let me know if that helped, if not, can you send me a screenshot and I’ll see if I can figure it out.

      1. Chris Daley

        i am having this same issue, it works on all other events but there is a certain one, that is only giving me those options. I cant figure it out. I did not create the event but am a co-host on the event but am trying to add the event to my other business pages events.

  4. Sarah Rueger

    Hi Katie,
    I can’t seem to share an event to my Facebook business page without editing the date. For example, the event is on both Saturday and Sunday but I am only exhibiting on the Saturday. If I click the Saturday, the drop down menu doesn’t give me the option to share to my page. I can only share to my page if I share the event including both days. I don’t want to do this as it will look like I’m exhibiting both days. I’ve made this mistake already, and once done there is no option to edit or even delete!

    1. Katie Davidson

      I’ve run into this issue before, and unfortunately there just isn’t a simple fix. I recommend having the original event creator separate the dates into two separate events, or just sharing the event and letting people know that your involvement is for just one day.

      Facebook events are still pretty clunky, I wish I had a better solution.

  5. Ruth Barnes

    Why are my photos from my business page showing up on another pages business event page? How can they do that?

    1. Katie Davidson

      I’m not sure… Does it look like they downloaded your images and re-uploaded them, or are they hosting events at your location?

  6. ioanna

    hi, I am managing a FB page, I created an event but by mistake the event was uploaded in general events, with my page just as a host. As a result all the likes and comments are not showing up on my page. Is there any way to make them show on the pages wall?

    1. Katie Davidson

      I’m not sure I understand what happened. Did you create an event with your profile, but would like it to be shared via your page?

  7. Barbara L Kucera

    Hi, I would like to message those who have clicked interested or going to my event. This is a public event that is a fundraiser so they aren’t my personal FB friends. Is this possible? Thanks

    1. Katie Davidson

      You can add messages to the event, but not necessarily message each person directly.

  8. Mikayla Adair

    How do you add another’s event that has multiple dates? The Add to Page button doesn’t appear on those.


    1. Katie Davidson

      Events with multiple dates can be complicated. Are you trying to add just one of the dates or are you trying to add the full set?

      1. Miranda

        Hi Katie,

        thanks for writing this article. I too am wanting to add another person’s event to my facebook business page that has multiple dates. I want to add all the dates. Is there are way of doing this? thanks!

      2. Rose

        Hi I am also trying to add an event with multiple dates. I have been able to do that in the past but for some reason with the event I am trying to add it isn’t working. I am trying to add the full set!

        1. Katie Davidson

          Make sure you have the event as a whole selected, and not just one of the dates. If you’re on just once specific date it will only allow you to add that date to your page, but if you’re on the event overall it works the same as any other event.

  9. Jessica

    Hi! I am trying to add an event to my page with multiple dates. I do not get the add to page option. I have friends with business accounts also who do have the add to page option. Why would it be different with different business pages?

  10. Katie

    Hi Katie, This is a great way to generate more exposure of events. Can I ask what this would be called please? Is there a name for this yet? It’s not co-hosting as such – it’s just sharing. I’m trying to think of a fun and logical name for this that I can add to my promotional packages for businesses. Thank you.


    I’d also like to know the answer to this; sharing an event with multiple dates to a business page. Thanks!

    1. Katie Davidson

      I’ve found that people generally have trouble if they’re trying to share from a specific date. Double check that you’re logged in via a business account, and make sure that you have the general event (not just one specific date).

  12. Bethan

    Hi, I’ve accidentally clicked the small X to hide an event on a page I am part of, would you know how to get it back

  13. Steve Aspey

    Hi, hope you can help but not sure if I need to start a new thread. I have created an event that i’m hosting. I want to add the venue to the event as a co-host so they can invite guests etc also in order to hopefully increase the possible attendance. I don’t seem to be able to work out how to do this if in fact I even can.

  14. Hanna V.

    Hi, I noticed that when you have multiple-day Facebook event that you want to include to your company Facebook, you first need to click “Going” to all of the dates, and then you will get this “Add to you page” option for the whole event 🙂 Hope this helped

  15. Brian K

    Hi Katie,

    Can this be done from the mobile app or just the desktop version? If so, how? I could not find it.


    1. Katie Davidson

      I’ve only been able to do this successfully on a computer. I would love to know if you were able to figure out how to do it through the mobile app. You may need the Facebook Pages app, rather than just the regular app to accomplish this.

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