How to create a video for IGTV

Adding a vertical video to IGTV is easy. In this video tutorial, I’ll show you how to add a video to IGTV from either your phone or your computer.

Katie Davidson

A UX designer with roots in digital marketing.

Hi, my name is Katie Davidson! And today I’m gonna be sharing with you two different methods that you can use to upload videos to your IG TV account. The first method is super easy it simply uses the IG TV app on your phone in a vertical video you may have recorded already on your phone. The second method uses Final Cut Pro but you could follow along with a different program and just use the dimensions and recommendations for turning a horizontal DSLR video vertical.
If you’ve created a video on your phone the easiest way to upload it is to go to the IGTV app tap on whichever video you’d like to upload. If you’re satisfied with your video go ahead and click next and then add a title click post. And you’re done!
I just finished recording a video for IGTV and recorded it on my DSLR so there’s some major changes I need to do before I can upload it. The first thing I need to do is set the cropping so that it’s actually vertical instead of horizontal I’m in Final Cut Pro so if you’re using that program you can follow step-by-step but the steps are similar on any video editing platform. So, I’m going to create a new project with the right dimensions first thing I do is go here go to file>new project, and I’ll give my project a name. And then under here, I’m going to click on custom we want a 9 by 16 aspect ratio.
For best results, I recommend doing 1080 by 1920 pixels .I’m gonna go ahead and leave the frame rate. And then I’ll go ahead and click OK you’ll see now we have a window that’s nice and tall. If for any reason you’ve made a mistake go to window>project properties and then you can click on modify here you can change the aspect ratios or anything you need to make the file size correct.
Alright so now I’m gonna go through ahead and drag and drop the video that I just created into the window, and you’ll see the awful black bars on the top and bottom. If I click on this and rotate at 90 degrees actually minus 90 degrees now that I have my video the right way I’m gonna scale it so that it fills the entire screen.
Now I’m going to do all the boring editing out all the umms and ahhs and the awkward part where I have to adjust as I get on to screen.
Oh yeah!
Now that I’ve created my video and added a call-to-action, I’m now ready to export it on Final Cut Pro. I need to go to file>share and then share master file.
I can go ahead and click Next now I’m going to click a destination, and click Save. It may take a while for your video to save in the proper format.
Now that I have my video available I need to go over to my Instagram account. Since I made this on my computer, I’m going to show you how you upload from your computer. I have my profile open here, and here you can see post to IGTV and saved I’m going to click on IGTV and then click on “upload.” Then I’m gonna drag that video and drop it in here. Next, I want to get a give it a title in a description.
One thing to note is that hashtags aren’t being honored, so using a hashtag strategy isn’t gonna pay off.
I’m always impressed by how many awkward faces I can make throughout a video. So if it’s picked one of your most Awkward thumbnails you can edit the cover here. While that isn’t the most flattering face for me I’m gonna leave it because I find when I’m more authentic I get more viewers.
Alright, I’m gonna fix my typo.
I can even make my video visible on Facebook I simply click on this icon and then click post. Then you’re done!
What do you think of IGTV is this just a passing trend, or is this a new video platform here to stay? I would love to hear your thoughts on IGTV down in the comments below. And if you’re interested in strategies to help your business grow, be sure to subscribe to my channel. I put out new videos every Tuesday that provide immense value to people looking
to grow their business. Until next time!

Dukes up! Instagram is now forcing its users to create vertical videos to use on their platform!

What do you think of IGTV? Have you tried it out? It’s a bold move by Instagram, and I’m excited to see how it plays out.

How do I create an IGTV Account?

Instagram has made it really easy to create a new IGTV account.

You can read the official step-by-step instructions, or simply follow the infographic below.

What are the Video Upload Requirements for IGTV?

  • Videos must be between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long (Certain verified accounts are allowed longer videos)
  • The file type must be .mp4
  • Videos must be shot vertical with an aspect ratio between 4:5 and 9:16 ( I recommend if you’re editing your videos, set the dimensions to 1080x1920px)
  • The video size must be less than 650MB

How do you upload videos to IGTV?

I’ve outlined two different methods in the video above.

The easiest way is to use the IGTV app on your phone simply do a search in your app store for IGTV for the standalone app, and download it to your phone.

If you would prefer to use footage from your DSLR and your computer, it’s a simple process to rotate your video.

I’ve outlined the steps in Final Cut Pro, but you can use just about any editing software.

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