Using Google Alerts to find social media content feels a little like cheating… It just makes everything so easy! Once you get the hang of setting up good search terms, you can get a curated list of articles sent right to your inbox – no scrambling to find great social media content.

Here’s a handy video that walks you through how to create a new Google Alert.

The real magic happens when you refine your search terms to only get fantastic relevant content.

Here are a few examples of how to refine your search:

  • To limit your search to an exact phrase use quotations marks. “I love coffee” will only pull articles with the exact phrase “I love coffee.”
  • If you only know some of the words within a phrase use an asterisk within the quotations. For example, if I wanted to publish articles about the best places in Denver I could do the following search:
    “Best * in Denver”
  • If you want to weed out certain words use “-“. If I create a general alert for Vireo Media, I’ll get a lot of notifications about birds, but I could remove all articles about birds by writing my search like this:
    Vireo Media -bird -birds -ornithology
    By putting a minus in front of a word, I can remove any articles with those words.

What is your favorite way to find social media content? Tweet me @VireoMedia to let me know!

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