360 Panorama of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC

How to take a 360 Photo on your Smart Phone

This quick and easy tutorial has everything you need to create your own 360 photo.

Katie Davidson

A UX designer with roots in digital marketing.

Are you excited about augmented reality and virtual reality/360 tech? I am!

I see Pokemon Go as the first of many exciting games to use augmented reality, and I love seeing the all the new VR videos and photos on Facebook (have you seen the VR Game of Thrones Intro?)

I have created 360 photos for a few of my clients which have resulted in a boost in post engagements, and increased foot traffic for my local businesses. I love using 360 photos for virtual tours and behind the scenes tours. People love seeing what’s behind the locked door, so kitchen tours and factory tours a a great way to connect with clients.

Although other social media platforms will likely start supporting 360 photos and videos, right now Facebook and Google are the only platforms able to natively show them.

So, how do you take a 360 photo?

I use the Google Street View App available for iPhone and Android. There are other 360 photo apps, but I like that I can share both my photo and location directly to Google+ (and easily transfer photo ownership to my clients). The first time you start up the Google Street View App, it will give you a step-by-step walkthrough. Once you are ready, try taking a photo somewhere without a lot of people, not just because taking 360 photos makes you look like a crazy person. Heavily trafficked places result in blury photos, or ghostly images of people missing their legs.

Have some fun taking 360 photos. My favorite 360 photo was taken up at Brainard Lake, count the number of times you can find the siblings in this photo.

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