The Facebook Audience Insights Dashboard is a powerful tool for learning who your customers are, and how reach them...

I’m not a big fan of creating customer profiles. I see too many businesses back themselves into a corner because they keep trying to appeal to the same imaginary ideal customer over and over. I prefer to break my customers down into dozens of highly specific audiences, and then think about how each of those specific audiences would find me.

I use a Target Table to break down my audience, and my product or services into highly specific groups. Once I have a good idea of who my audience is, I head over to the Facebook Audience dashboard to do some more in-depth research.

If you’ve never used the Facebook Audience Dashboard, it’s a powerful research tool! You can get all sorts of demographic information, page likes, and so much more. I’ve created a tutorial on how to use and understand the Facebook Audience Dashboard below.

To access the Facebook Audience Insights Dashboard you can either navigate using the main menu, or you can go to to get started.

Navigate to the Facebook Audience Insights

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