Why you should stop using BoardBooster – and what you should use instead

BoardBooster isn’t doing you any favors. Not only is Pinterest cracking down, you’re probably hurting your efforts by pinning low-quality content.

Katie Davidson

A UX designer with roots in digital marketing.

Batching content is critical if you’re running your own business. I usually dedicate a chunk of every Wednesday to scheduling out all my marketing efforts for the week. It saves me time, and it prevents me from getting too distracted by social media.

Today I got some bad news about one of my favorite Pinterest scheduling tools: BoardBooster

Pinterest’s official stance has always been that BoardBooster is not an official partner, and they encourage users not to use the tool, but today they sent out an email to all BoardBooster users warning them that “…BoardBooster may employ spammy behaviors on your behalf that can get your account flagged and terminated without further warning to you.”

Email I received from Pinterest

I had mostly stopped using BoardBooster about two-weeks ago. I found that a couple of the pinners in my tribes was re-pinning my content, but re-directing people to their website. It took me several hours to track down all the fake pins, and I’m not totally confident there aren’t more pins out there going to the wrong site. I stopped all my activity on BoardBooster, other than some looping.

And something amazing happened… my Pinterest Views increased dramatically.

In that time I switched to using Tailwind exclusively.

I don’t think Pinterest was artificially throttling my view or reach. In BoardBooster Tribes, you don’t see your pins before they get scheduled out, and some of the pins in those tribes were low quality. When I look back on the repin rate from those groups, they were getting less than 1 repin after share.

By switching from BoardBooster to Tailwind, I had to manually approve all pins before they were scheduled, and I immediately started pinning better content. (Serves me right for not taking the time to make sure it was really quality content)

Now if you’re still not sure if you should switch from BoardBooster to Tailwind, here are my top 5 reasons to take the leap:

  1. Tailwind has amazing resources to help you learn how to market yourself on Pinterest. The team over at Tailwind is dedicated to their user’s success!
  2. The tribes on Tailwind are highly engaged. Getting your pins re-shared by Tailwind users will get you much further than BoardBooster users.
  3. Tailwind is an official Pinterest Marketing Partner, which means your account won’t get banned if Pinterest cracks down even more.
  4. Tailwind has fantastic analytics, which can help you figure out what works, and what doesn’t for your business.
  5. You’ll start pinning higher quality content, which will mean better results.

Ready to try Tailwind? Click this affiliate link to get started for free!

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